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How To Choose The Perfect Event Chair?

by Mathew

A lot goes into creating a fabulous event. The lights, the drapes, the theme, the colors, the food, and… the event chairs.

If you’d ask a good majority, they wouldn’t even think twice about the last component on this list.

“Event chairs? As long as it’s there. What does it matter?” they’d think.

But the look, the feel, and the shape of your event chair can significantly impact the impression of the event and how well your audience reacts to it.

In this article, you’ll learn about various event chairs, their impact on your overall event, and how they could be the perfect model for your themed event.

Four Different Types of Event Chairs

Excellent event planning requires a fine eye for detail. For you to find the best chair for your event, you need to consider three essential elements:

  • The comfort of the person sitting on the chairs.
  • The Purpose and Theme of The Event. Does it align with the cost?
  • The Added Touch the Event Chair Brings into The Event.

Here are four Types of Event Chairs You May Find on your perfect event chair hunt.

Bentwood Chairs

These chairs are great for tea parties or events hosted outside in the garden for a short period of time. Classy, their rustic exterior adds a friendly, open touch to the gathering. You’ll find these chairs being commonly displayed within café or placed outside barns for a casual seating arrangement.

Conference Chairs

Solid and sturdy, these chairs are easy to stack together. Therefore, they’re quick to set up and are a perfect fit for short, on-the-spot event management. They’re most often used for open talks and seminars. This event chair should be comfortable, with armrests, especially if the event requires the attendee’s focus for a longer time frame.

Executive Room Chairs

These are super comfortable, classy chairs used mainly for high-end corporate discussions and meetings. With armrest and soft leather, these chairs need to heighten the sense of comfort and power it brings into the room or event. The best executive room event chair would include the facility to lean comfortably from all angles while ensuring that the back of the user is well-supported throughout the event.

Dinner and Wedding Chairs

Dinners and weddings are events that are a memory of a lifetime. These chairs need to exude elegance and class with comfort. Several options are available, ranging from conventional to modern to wood type, style, and texture. White wood chairs, for example, exude the class and posture that aligns with the overall vibe of a wedding. They’re stylish, and the hardwood exterior makes them perfect for chic weddings and dinner parties!


Event Management has always been challenging, and the first and foremost component of getting your event planned right is placing your attendees first. This means that you need to care about the aesthetic impact of the event just as much as the attendee’s comfort when selecting the perfect event chair!

This is why this article entails four different options of event chairs you could use in your event and impress your guests with the finer details.

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