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Aspects to Help You Buy a Lamp Shade for Lighting

by Mathew

Buying a lamp shade is not as simple as many may think. It includes considering aspects such as the lamp base and the home décor. If you do not apply careful consideration in your buying process, you may end up with something disappointing. A light shade, specially acquired from Alibaba, will serve you quite well. However, it is essential to know how great your room will depend on your preference. That is why you need to know the key aspects when buying a lamp shade for lighting.

Purchasing a lamp shade for lighting: Aspects to know

Whenever you want to protect your eyes from the full glare of your usual light, you will need a lampshade to help you achieve that. They are also fashion statements, and a good choice complements your space color pretty well. Here are the factors to consider when buying a lamp shade.

The amount of light you need

Different people or rooms require varying light needs. One of the critical factors that you should consider is where you need the light to focus. The amount of light you require is also an essential aspect. Light shades allow light to filter while the dark does not. If you want a lamp shade for your reading desk, get one with a wide base. The broad base will allow for light to pass through.

The lamp shade size and base

One aspect to note when getting a lampshade is the space where you will place it. A large lamp can be perfect for an almost empty and large room. In contrast, a small lamp will go hand in hand with a cluttered room. If you are getting a table lamp, ensure it coordinates with the table’s size. The lamp shade base also matters. A lamp’s base can be bold, unique, or subtle. A simple and plain base is ideal if you want to draw attention to the shade. But if you want attention to the base, consider one that is colorful and very decorative.

Your room’s décor

The lamp shade is available in different styles. Before you buy, consider whether you want the lamp shade to blend in or stand out. However, your key priority should be ensuring that the décor and the lamp coordinate.

The lamp shade’s shape

In the market, you will find that lamp shade exists in different shapes. Some of the most common shapes include; square, cone, drum, and tall tapered. You will also find some fancy shapes like; scalloped , half, and wizard hat shades. Make sure that the shape you choose coordinates with the room’s lamp position and base. Matching the shape of your shade and the base will create a cohesive look.


A lamp shade for lighting is part of your home’s décor. Thus, you must pay careful attention to the type you buy. Choose one that blends in with your surroundings or stands out. No matter the style you decide to go for, make sure it coordinates well with your room.

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